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Camellia Shrubs

Camellia flowers begin appearing during winter warmups when few other flowering shrubs bloom. The Camellia japonica bush is a very popular and well known group of flowering evergreen shrubs that will be discussed first, before discussing the other group, Camellia sassanqua. These plants were introduced into America from the Orient where the C. x japonica had been hybridized as a flowering plant for centuries.
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Debutante camellias are featured in this video, and the pink ruffled circular flowers are double petaled, that are similar to roses. TyTy also carries many other camellia flower colors such as red, white, purple, and of course, pink. Camellia sassanqua begins to flower from early Sept. to March. Camellia japonica flowers later from December until April. Camellia Shrubs are evergreen with large flowers and thick, serrated leaves. Camellia Sasanqua blooms in the autumn with petals that fall one at a time. Camellia japonica blooms in the spring and falls off as a whole flower. The scentless japonica species is considered the 'true' camellia by the Japanese. Camellia shrubs are loaded with buds and will soon will burst forth in colors of red, pink, and white. A blooming period when few others plants flower. Order now before it's to late to plant. TyTy offers the flowering Camellia Shrubs that are loaded with blooms. Both kinds of Camellias (sasanqua and japonica) produce an array of colorful flowers.

The Camellia sassanqua in the Southern State gardens commonly called: “The Sassanqua” is a camellia bush that is different in many respects to the more historical and popular, Camellia japonica. The Sassanqua camellia has smaller leaves, smaller flowers and begins flowering earlier in the fall, sometimes in September, and the flowering ends earlier in the spring. The Sassanqua is somewhat more cold hardy, and this camellia shrub grows a little faster. When planted in rows the Sassanqua grows into a beautiful flowering privacy fence that totally blocks out the passing automobiles viewers and displays lush flowering, pastel blooms for several months. For landscaping projects, the Sassanqua bushes are relatively inexpensive shrubs to plant and can be containerized for growing inside the home or office. A few, good, recommended Sassanqua cultivars are: “Yuletide” red in color with yellow stamens in the center, “ Crimson King” red with yellow stamens at the center, “Jean May” white with a baby pink blush, and “Hugh Evans” a fragrant pink camellia plant with yellow stamens in the center.