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Camellia 'Sasanqua' Shrubs

  • Pink (Sasanqua) Camellia Shrub
    The Pink Camellia (Sasanqua) cultivar grows into a smaller dwarf type Sasanqua that is covered with pink flowers varying from rose shades to deep pink.
  • Wedding Dance Camellia Shrubs
    The Flowers of the pure white 'Wedding Dance' Camellia Sasanqua form circular rows of white camellia petals that reflex as they open to reveal bright golden stamens covered with buttery, yellow pollen.
  • Virginia Blush Camellia Shrub
    The Virginia Blush Camellia Shrub produces flowers in early spring that vary in colors from off-white to pale pink and the blooms are generally large in size when compared to other in-bloom Camellia Shrubs.