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Black Fredonia Grapevine

USDA Zones 5-7

Concord Bunch Grape Vine

USDA Zones 5-7

Niagara Bunch Grape Vine

USDA Zones 5-7

Red Catawba Bunch Grape Vine

USDA Zones 5-7

We do not ship grape vines to the states of California, Oregon and Washington.

  • Blue Concord Bunch Grape Vines
    TyTy's Bunch Grape Vines produce seeds and grow in large clusters on the vine. You can order from our selection of the best blue, black, red, and white bunch grapevine varieties. Bunch grapes are delicious eaten fresh, however seedless grapevine varieties are often preferred for fresh consumption.
  • Niagara Bunch Grapes
    Niagara Bunch Grapevines are heavy producers of a white grape that has an excellent flavor. The Niagara grapevine is very cold hardy and one of the best for growing in nothern states.
  • Black Fredonia Grapevines
    Bunch Grapes grow in giant clusters and are essential in a top health diet benefits. Black Bunch grapes are extra sweet when ripe on the grapevine, and can be eaten as a dessert grape or fermented into a delicious red wine.