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Azalea Shrubs & Bushes

The Southern States are known for their flamboyant, flowering azalea plants in the early spring, and many cities like to call themselves: "The Azalea City." Most azaleas are evergreen plants and the lush extended period of flowering occurs early in the spring, although freaky unsettled weather during the fall or spring can cause some blooming in the fall and winter, but usually during unexpected cold snaps,

Formosa Azalea Shrubs Kurume Azalea Shrubs Nuccio's Azalea Shrubs

Satsuki Azalea Shrubs

  • Easter Morn Azalea Bush
    Formosa azaleas grow very large flowers and intensely color landscapes with colors of pink, white, red, purple, lavender, and bicolor. The Formosa flowering azalea can grow 8 to 10 feet tall when planted under the shade of pine trees. Azalea Formosa plants work well as foundation plants, lining your home in a beautiful array of colors.
  • Azalea Shrub Video, Etc.
    Azaleas announce the birth of spring in the Southern States Some azalea bushes form buds in February, and by March the resting plants awaken without fail into a riot of showboat colors that freshen home garden air of city parks everywhere. The faint perfume that drifts from the opening flower petals lifts the spirit, and trails along curved planted rows of azaleas fully flowered to await the visits of azalea worshipers to inhale the fragrance & enjoy their smothered beauty of lavender and red.
  • Plant Pink Formosa Azalea Bushes
    Azalea Kurume plants generally have semi-double blooms that are make for wonderful ornamental garden plants. Kurume Azales are fairly cold tolerant and thrive in partially shaded areas.