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Fall 2014 Shipping Definitions and Terms of Sale

Fall 2014 Shipping Definitions and Terms of Sale

• Orders currently taken over the phone or via the website with items or an item noted for (Fall 2014 Shipping) will not be usually be shipped unless the deciduous plants are dormant except evergreen plants and bulbs. The shipping time frame will begin during the Fall, after the ordered items go dormant for the winter, once growth has stopped and the leaves have fallen off the plants. That is the time of the year in which we begin our normal shipping operations for deciduous trees and plants as per, USDA regulations. If items that can be shipped now that are ordered along with items scheduled for Fall Shipping, then the entire order will be held until all plants are ready to be shipped, unless prior arrangements have been made by the customer with Ty Ty Nursery by phone during normal business hours, listed on the Contact Us page. All shipping times that are given either in email, order notes, or via phone are only approximations at best and are subject to change without notice, since the weather controls when plants go dormant.

• If you pay by credit card then you will not be charged until the Fall, after the ordered items have gone dormant and are being processed for shipping. Once the order is paid full, it may take 7-10 business days to receive under normal circumstances. Delays do occur sometimes, and shipping times are only approximations. You will be notified only when your order has shipped via UPS. You can schedule your own shipping time by calling us toll free during normal business hours, and we will do our best to ship at the most convenient time for you. Some items might be out of stock after your credit card has been charged, and your order may be delayed without notice, until all items are back in stock. You have the right to cancel, modify, or change your address at anytime, until your credit card has been charged. Once charged, changes can not be made, because the order will be in the shipping process. To make any order changes please call us toll free at 888-758-2252 during normal business hours. Emailing order changes cannot be guaranteed to be made prior to shipping. The only exception to the promotion is that: Orders paid through PayPal Express are immediately collected by PayPal, but you still have the right to cancel, change or modify your order until the order has been processed for shipping.

• Your credit card will be authorized at the time the order is completed, for the entire amount, either with a phone representative or online. This temporary authorization will be automatically lifted within the next 72 business hours. A temporary authorization is done to reduce possible fraud, and to verify that credit card information has been accurately recorded for future charging.

• Where the promotion banner states “25% Early Bird Discount” this means the prices currently offered for pre-order sale prices will go up 25% in the Fall once we begin shipping. This in no way implies an additional 25% discount is given to the current listed sale prices or that Free Shipping is offered. You will pay the discount sale price listed on the webpage plus the price of shipping.